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Sales, Parts & Shipping

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Gangline Single Starter Kit

 $ 25.00


Gangline Single Starter Kits consist of a Locking Caribiner, a Shockline and a Single Lead Tug.



Gangline Double Starter Kit

 $ 35.00


Gangline Double Starter Kits consist of a Locking Caribiner, a Shockline and a Double Lead Tug with Coupler.



Single Lead Tug

 $ 7.00


Single Lead Tugs are made of 8mm poly rope 55" long with Heavy Duty 3/4" Brass Snaps.



Double Lead Tug/ Coupler


Double Lead Tugs are made of 8mm poly rope with Heavy Duty 3/4" Brass Snaps.  Included is a 14" wide Coupler made of 8mm poly rope and 1/2" Snaps.



1 or 2 Dog Teams

 Extension / Single Tug(s) & Coupler 

For 1 and 2 dog teams, This Combination of gangline components allows you to change from a 2 dog lead to single lead quickly and easily.  The Extension is used to give the dogs a little extra "Comfort Zone" in front of the sled. 

All components are sold separately in whatever quantities you need.

Extension  $ 5.00

Single Tug $ 7.00

Coupler  $ 7.50



 Team Section




The Team Section of Gangline has 40" tugs and 12" necklines angled back at 45 degrees - just right to hold the team dogs in position 8" from the centerline when the lines are tight. This lessens the chances of a dog stepping over its own neckline.



Wheel Section

$ 25.00


The Wheel Section of Gangline has longer 55" tugs (as shown in this picture alongside a Team Section). The Wheel Dogs, being closest to the sled, need extra length for the Gangline and Tow Lines to ease up to the height of their backs which makes for a more comfortable pull.