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I like Dogs... Sled Dogs in particular.

I've enjoyed sledding down the snowy trails for 5 decades now.  I started when I was 10 but only because I got some help from some gracious people.  Their input, effort and support led to the 1,000 fond memories I have of all my dogs, family outtings and those beautiful landscapes.  So, I'm paying it forward as best I can.

We started Affordable Dog Sleds with the average dog owner in mind.

Our Highest Hope is to See You and Your Dog go Sledding.
Our Goal is to provide you with the best Equipment at the most Affordable Prices.

All of our Sleds are Hand Crafted to provide you with Ultimate Performance and Dependability. We use Select White Ash and High Density Poly Plastic to assure that all of our Sleds are Lightweight and Extremely Durable.

To make Our Sleds Affordable and easy to ship, we sell them as Kits.  All Parts are Cut, Drilled and Routered.  All hardware is included. Some parts come already assembled.  But all Wood Components are left "Unfinished"... no Finish products have been applied.  You can stain, oil, polyurethane or varnish the wood however you would like.  Or you can run the sled without any Finish... but the wood will darken and turn gray in a year or two.

We hope you enjoy Our Line Up of Sleds and our Wide Variety of Accessories.

And as important as anything else, since We do not expect our customers to have a deep background or knowledge of dog sledding, if you have Any Questions,  We're always happy to help.

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