Brakes - Affordable Dog Sleds

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A Drag Brake is a Rubber Matt which drags between the skis of the Sled.  Drivers step on it to keep the Gangline tight, keep the sled from overtaking the dogs on a downhill and to help in the turns.
The Traditional Claw Brake is a 4 foot long 1"X4" Board Hinged in the Middle with a 1.5" Deep Angle Iron Claw to dig into snowy trails. Good for stopping 1-6 Dogs on snow packed trails.
Our Bar Brake is made out of 6061 Aluminum, Tough & Durable, with 3 Carbide Snowmobile Track Studs Sticking out the Bottom for Extra Grab. Great on icy trails, hard packed snow and rough terrain...
PLUS!! The Drag Brake for your less-than-stopping needs.

This Combo gets the Job Done!
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