Sled Kits - Affordable Dog Sleds

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Sled Kits

We sell All our Sleds as Kits.  
   When You apply the Finish...
         And You complete the Assembly...  
              It makes the price Affordable !
We use Select White Ash or Oak and High Density Poly Plastic to assure that all of our Sleds are Lightweight and Extremely Durable.  All Parts and Assembly Instructions are Included.  Assembly takes 2.5 hours.

Full Sized Dog Sled - No Brake

Great for 1-2 Dogs  or  as a Kick Sled

Slider - Info. / Specs

Full Sized Dog Sled -  Traditional Claw Brake

Great for up to 6 Dogs

Dasher - Info. / Specs

The Glider is a Full Sized Sled -  Aluminum Bar Brake/Drag Brake Combo.

Great for any number of Dogs!

Glider - Info. / Specs

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