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The Slider Dog Sled Kit   $ 399

The Slider is a light weight starter sled for everyone who wants to try out dog sledding without mortgaging the house. It is very good for teams of 1-3 dogs. It's runners are made of 3/4" High Density Polyethylene with Brush Bow and Handlebar made of 1/2" High Density Polyethylene.

The Slider's bolted design allows for the same great flexibility and maneuverability as on all our sleds. It also allows you to buy the Slider today and upgrade to the Dasher tomorrow by adding a Brake and Footpads. In fact, the day after tomorrow, you could even upgrade by adding an Aluminum Bar Brake and a whole host of other accessories. It can handle them all!

Choosing The Slider is a wise decision. You can start with it small and add whatever you like. The adaptability of the Slider never quits.


Length = 8' Brush Bow to Ski Tails
Width = 20" Outside of Skis :  17" Inside of Skis
Height = 36" Ground to Handle Bar
Weight = 22 lbs. fully assembled.
Clearance Height = 10"
Skis = 1-1/2" Wide
Seat = 40" Long 17" Wide
Wood = White Ash
Plastic = 3/4" by 1-1/2" HDPE Runners; 1/2" by 1-1/2" HDPE Brush Bow and Handle Bar
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