Aluminum Bar Brake/Drag Brake Combo - Affordable Dog Sleds

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Aluminum Bar Brake/Drag Brake Combo

Aluminum Bar Brake / Drag Brake Combo  $ 125

Our Bar Brake is made out of 6061 Aluminum, Tough & Durable, with 3 Carbide Studs on the Bottom for Extra Grab. Great on icy trails, hard packed snow and rough terrain...
PLUS!! The Drag Brake for your less-than-stopping needs.
3/8" Heim Joints come with this Brake Combo to attach them to the Sled.  Because our sleds Pivot to turn, a regular Aluminum Brake will not work.  Either it would eliminate your ability to turn, or the pivoting of the sled would twist the aluminum arms until they would fail.  Using the Heim Joints, our Aluminum Bar Brake / Drag Brake Combo remains in place, parallel to the ground and useable at all times.  Each Heim Joint is rated to bear 3400 lbs of static weight.

The Drag Brake is made of a tough and durable rubber mat.  We have attached it to the Aluminum Bar Brake so that you can step on the Drag Brake for light to medium resistance.  If you find you need a little more stopping power, just step up onto the brake to put pressure on the 3 Carbide Studs.  That'll stop you!

This Combo gets the Job Done!
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