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Traditional Claw Brake

Traditional Claw Brake  $40
The Traditional Claw Brake has been around a long time!  It is a 4 foot long 1" X 4" Board Hinged in the Middle with a 1.5" Deep Angle Iron Claw to dig into snowy trails.  

The Traditional Claw Brake is Good for stopping 1-6 Dogs on snow packed trails.
We sell the "Claw" as a flat 1.5" X 1.5" angle iron piece.  It works well in snow but not that well in icy conditions.  Some people may wish to cut the bottom of the Angle Iron into a Zig Zag or "W" shape to get the real Claw effect which will help a little on icy surfaces.  (On the other hand, icy surfaces are the Reason why Aluminum Bar Brakes were invented.)

If you have a Slider and wish to add a Traditional Claw Brake, we've made that pretty easy.  
1.  Attach the Brake onto the Slider's Tow Bar.  The holes are already drilled into the Tow Bar and the Brake comes with the hinge, nuts & bolts.
2.  Attach the Bungee Cord under the Rear Cross Over member.  Bungee and Eye Bolts come with the Brake Package.
3.  Done.
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