Ganglines - Affordable Dog Sleds

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Coupler  $ 8
The Coupler is used between Lead Dogs connecting them at the Collars. (Guess that makes them a "Couple"!!) Each Coupler has two 1/2" clips reaching 18" apart. Couplers are used to make sure both dogs are headed in the same direction.
Single Lead Tug Line  $ 7
Our Single Lead Tug Lines are made with 8mm PE Hollow Braid line with an attachment loop on one end and a 3/4" snap on the other.
Double Lead Tug / Coupler  $24
Tug Line for 2 Lead Dogs including a Coupler to connect Lead Dogs by their Collars
Gangline Single Starter Kit  $30
Our Gangline Single Starter Kit includes a Locking Carabiner for quick, easy and secure attachment to the sled, a Shock Cord, and a Single Lead Tug.
Gangline Double Starter Kit  $ 40
Our Gangline Double Starter Kit includes a Locking Carabiner for quick, easy and secure attachment to the sled, a Shock Cord, and a Double Lead Tug with Coupler.  Everything you need for 2 dogs.
Gangline Starter Kit  $ 20
A Gangline Starter Kit includes a Locking Carabiner, Shock Cord and Safety Line. It is the first part of your Gangline going forward from your sled. The Locking Carabiner makes it easy to attach and remove your Gangline while also making it secure. The Shock Cord provides some stretch to the Safety Line so that the Dogs do not suffer any Shock on their backs when they pull the line tight.
Gangline Extension  $ 5
Our Gangline Extension is made of 10mm PE Hollow Braid line, same as the Gangline in Wheel & Team Sections. A Gangline Extension is used at the tail end of the Gangline to give more room between the Sled and the Wheel Dogs reducing the angle at which the line comes up to the Wheel Dogs' harnesses.
Team Section   $ 30
The Team Section is used for any 1 or 2 dogs you connect in addition to the Leader(s) and the Wheel Dogs. If you are running only 1 dog in a section, you can clip both Tug Lines and both Neck Lines to the 1 dog to keep them from tangling.
Wheel Section  $ 30
The Wheel Section of Gangline is longer than the Team Section.  Wheel Dogs, being closest to the sled, need some extra length for the Gangline and Tow Lines so they have enough leg room to run.  Longer Lines to the Wheel Dogs also lessens the angle at which the lines come up to the dogs which makes for a more comfortable pull.
Quick Release  $ 25
Quick Release Lines provide a solid tie down for your sled while you hitch up or care for your team. When you're ready to go, you simply slide the collar of the clip forward and the quick release mechanism snaps open. This allows you to be standing securely on the sled when you release the snub line with just one hand. If you have multiple dogs, you will really appreciate having a Quick Release.
Snub Line  $15
A Snub Line is used to tie your sled to something immoveable when you want to get off and away from the sled without having to worry about the dogs running off without you.
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