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Snow Hook / Release

Snow Hook  $ 54

This Hook really holds your sled in place so you can attend to your dogs. By its design, the more the dogs pull, the more it diggs deeper into the snow.

Quick Release  $ 25

Quick Release Lines provide a solid tiedown for your sled while you hitch up or care for your team. When you're ready to go, you simply slide the collar of the clip forward and the quick release mechanism snaps open. This allows you to be standing securely on the sled when you release the snub line.

Quick releases can be used in two ways. For both instances, you attach the loop and of the quick release line to the tail end of your gang line.

The First Way you can use the snub line is to attach it to a post, a tree or a vehicle by running the loop end around the object and then pulling the metal ring and all the snub line through the loop until it tightens around the object. Then snap the metal ring of the snub line into the quick release to hold your sled secure. Upon release, The snub line stays behind.

In the Second Case, you might wish to take both the quick release and the snub line along to be used on the trail. This time you attach the loop end of the snub line to the quick release line just in front of the quick release clip. You secure the sled by running the snub line around a post, tree or other immovable object returning the metal ring to the quick release clip. In this scenario, once you quick release the end of the snub line, the snub line pulls around the post, tree or whatever and remains attached to the sled. On the trail, the driver can gather up quick release/snub line and store it on the sled for later use somewhere down the trail.

A word of caution: when using the quick release in this way, be sure the snub line can't get snagged on something as it pulls around a tree etc. Otherwise, you will stop very quickly after a very short run !!

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